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A Canadian style canoe with large volume and a substantial carrying area for the overnight adventurer.

Category: traditional Canadian canoe

Application: Lakes and Rivers, multi-day travel

Key features:

  • Traditional-style open Canadian canoe
  • Large luggage capacity
  • Built in safety flotation
  • Roto-mould seats
  • Sturdy construction
  • Front and rear carry handles
  • Stable

Why choose:

Anyone who has grown up with a traditional canoe and likes what they had to offer tends to gravitate back to one.

It has great luggage carrying capacity for extended multi-day adventuring

The moulded one-piece seat and backrest allows for comfortable paddling over long distances


What's in a name?

Traditional Canadian canoes have long been associated with scouting groups, and as the Rover is at the top of the Scouting tree, it seemed like a nice fit between name and tradition.



Length: 457cm

Width: 85cm

Max capacity: 290kg including luggage

Weight: 40kg

Deck height: 30cm

Cockpit length: 370cm

Cockpit width: 72cm

Price: TBD (including 10 % GST)


* Please contact our helpful staff at Safari H2O, who design and build the Safari H2O canoes and kayaks, for any advice so you make the right choice before you buy.

We will also assist with freight costs to your destination.