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The Murray Fishing


The Murray is the result of years of testing and planning, in consultation with pro fishing reporters, recreational fishing industry leaders and our own keen and dedicated fishing staff – all of whom gave us their ultimate fishing kayak wish list. Designed with a unique shallow draft, the Murray provides excellent tracking and manoeuvrability.

The Murray Fishing provides everything that a fisherman needs, in the place that you need it. If a feature doesn’t add to the fishing experience, it’s not on The Murray Fishing.

The hull of the boat was extensively designed, resulting in a kayak that produces speed as fast as a boat a metre longer, but with uncompromised tracking. It has manoeuvrability that lets you fish in amongst snags in all sorts of river situations, to a level that has not been experienced before.

Category: Sit On Top / Fishing

Why choose the Murray Fishing?

  • Put simply, it is an uncompromised kayak for what a fisherman wants and needs. It has a shallow draft that is a real advantage, particularly when Murray Cod fishing around snags.
  • The ergonomics and light weight of the boat allow for easy loading and unloading with up to 160kg of combined carrying capacity, making it a leader in its field.
  • Lots of flat deck areas allow you to customise the kayak to create the perfect fishing companion.

Application: Complete uncompromised fishing kayak. Inland waters such as rivers, lakes; bays, estuaries, calmer ocean conditions.

Key features and standard equipment:

  • Deluxe fishing seat
  • Unique Double Tunnel Hull Technology
  • Lure pockets ergonomically located on both sides of the boat, right where you need them
  • Plano #3 waterproof tackle box
  • 4 flush mounted rod holders
  • Rail Blazer rod holder to be custom fitted where you require it
  • Paddle clips
  • Adjustable foot rests
  • Two storage hatches
  • Unique UF Design handles make the boat easy and comfortable to lift, from any angle
  • Kiddy seat lets you share the padding experience with small children and teach them from a young age
  • 6” hatch
  • Bungee deck rigging to store loose items
  • Cup holder


Dave Brace caught a 130cm barramundi on a Safari H2O Murray Fishing kayakThe Murray Fishing story:

We know a lot of keen fisherman, and paddling is not their first priority, fishing is. Through ongoing discussions with them, we got to understand what they saw as the perfect boat and the wish list evolved as to what the boat should be like, and what it should include.

That sowed the seed for the designing and inventing of the Murray Fishing kayak. Consultation with professional reporters and industry experts, along with our uncompromised approach to hull design, resulted in what we have today.

The boat needed to be so nice to paddle, so easy to use, and easy to load and unload in order for it to be a success.

Dan Lacey, our chief pattern maker, who is a very keen fisherman and an accomplished paddler, made it his passion and goal to produce a boat from the perfect wish list. He used it as an opportunity to build something that he knew he would want to use himself.


What’s in a name?

The Murray River is Australia’s longest river, and everyone is trying to catch the Murray Cod. It was a logical name. It’s a famous river and a famous fish, and we hope the boat lives up to its name.


Dave Brace caught a 130cm barramundi on a Safari H2O Murray Fishing kayakSpecifications:

Length: 304cm

Width: 83cm

Paddler weight: Up to 160kg

Weight: 22kg

Deck height: 30cm


Price:TBD (including 10 % GST)

* Please contact our helpful staff at Safari H2O, who design and build the Safari H2O canoes and kayaks, for any advice so you make the right choice before you buy.

We will also assist with freight costs to your destination.

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