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The Murray


The Murray Fishing is also available in a non-fishing fit-out because of its fantastic on-water paddling capabilities. It gives you speed, stability and the ability to carry heavier paddlers.

Hull performance makes The Murray a fantastic paddling boat for all levels of paddlers, right up to a weight of 130kg. Because of its displacement and stability, it’s a great all rounder, even if you have no interest in fishing at all.

It will outperform sit-in recreation kayaks of the same length, which before now was unheard of.

Why choose the Murray?

  • The hull performs so well, with a big paddler weight range, up to 130kg


  • It is a top performing sit-on top from every paddling perspective: speed, stability manoeuvrability


  • The ergonomics and light weight of the boat allow for easy loading and unloading with up to 160kg of combined carrying capacity, making it a leader in its field.

Category: Sit-On Top

Application: Inland waters such as rivers, lakes; bays, estuaries, calmer ocean conditions.

Key features:

  • Paddle clips
  • Adjustable foot rests
  • Two storage hatches
  • Unique UF Design handles make the boat easy and comfortable to lift, from any angle
  • Kiddy seat lets you share the padding experience with small children and teach them from a young age
  • 6” hatch
  • Bungee deck rigging to store loose items
  • Cup holder


The Murray story:

While it is the flagship of our fishing range, the hull performance is such a standout that we needed to have it available in standard form as well.



Length: 304cm

Width: 83cm

Paddler weight: Up to 160kg

Weight: 22kg

Deck height: 30cm

Price: TBD (including 10 % GST)

Please contact our helpful staff at Safari H2O, who design and build the Safari H2O canoes and kayaks, for any advice so you make the right choice before you buy.

We will also assist with freight costs to your destination.