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Drifter Plus review

The Drifter Plus is a proven performer with great popularity. Formerly marketed as the Drifter, but now with additional features. From your very first paddle, you will enjoy what this boat has to offer.

Josh Green 400Customer testimonial

I love heading out in my Safari Safari H2O Drifter Plus.

It's another form of training for me that I really enjoy and it mixes up my training!

As much as I find it relaxing being out on the water, it's a great upper body endurance workout which works perfectly for my desert racing.  

I believe that every athlete would benefit from owning one!

Josh Green
Yamaha Racing Team







Moontongue 400Customer testimonial

Safari H20 Drifter PlusCongratulations on another fantastic product. I unpacked the Drifter Plus on the weekend and took it for a paddle. Very impressive!

The seating position has been moved back which gives you more leg room - great for taller people. The weight is more over the back, which helps with positive steering. The new seat is very comfy and the adjustable back rest improves the comfort, but can still be lowered for easy stacking of boats.

The adjustable footrest is magnificent and adds to the comfort zone. The storage compartment is a bonus at the back, and the pouch at the front stops goodies getting wet.

I like the simple paddle holder that does not get in the way. The ergonomics of the boat are very professional with nice contours.

A big thumbs up all round!

Ian Whitfield
Moontongue Eco Adventures
Flinders Ranges, SA

Find out more about the Safari H2O Drifter Plus here.

"We purchased our first ever canoe back in 2004 - it was a single person fishing canoe - all plastic, heavy, one rod holder and an uncomfortable seat - but hey, it got us all used to canoeing in our lovely Murray River and the kids had a ball on it.

In 2012 we visited the Lake Mulwala Cod Classic and spotted the Safari H20 canoes! Hence, we purchased our first two person Voyager II fishing canoe - comfortable/adjustable seats, plenty of leg room, storage facilities, rod holders, easily transportable and the excellent idea of paddle placement when not using them.

That summer we canoed for recreation and fishing in and around Lake Mulwala, the Murray River and the special area towards Tom Groggan. We fought over who got to use the Voyager (as there is six of us!), rather than our old canoe and two single borrowed ones.

So, this season we returned the borrowed canoes and purchased another two-seater voyager.

The Voyager II fishing Canoe is a fabulous family asset for fun, recreation, fishing and an environmentally/economical way to have hours of entertainment exploring our local waterways."

- The Thomas family @ “Lambruk”, Mulwala, NSW.

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