Safari H2O canoes and kayaks are designed at our factory in regional North East Victoria by Australian kayak designers and manufacturers, R&V Aqualine.

Our designers are paddlers themselves, meaning that they not only design the boats, but test them in our local waterways before they are put into production and made available to the general public. It’s this attention to detail that gives you the best paddling experience possible.


Australian manufacturing is important to Safari H2O, and something that we pride ourselves on. From the initial design, right through to the finished product, everything is done in-house.

Safari H2O canoes and kayaks are designed by Australians for Australian conditions.


At Safari H2O, you can speak directly to our designers to discuss your requirements and what model is right for you. We offer unequalled support to you, ensuring that your kayak or canoe purchase is a memorable one.

Call us on (03) 5729 5556 and speak to one of our designers about Australian made and designed canoes and kayaks.


You can select the type of kayak or canoe that best suits your needs, and we can even customise it especially for your needs. Choosing your colour is one of the great aspects of buying from Safari H2O.



It was 1974 when we made our team made their first kayak – a school project – and it began a love affair with the paddline industry.

Continuing on with the new-found passion, we hit a significant milestone in 1985 when we produced our first fibreglass canoes for customers.

R&V Aqualine Industries was formed in ’87, and with it came a range of three canoes: Rapid Rider, River Rider and Sunseeker.

We began making slalom kayaks for the Australian Olympic team as our products were lightweight and made of composite carbon fibre and Kevlar which was right at the forefront. In 1992, Australian Danielle Woodward won an Olympic silver medal with the world’s first seamless kayak, and it gave her a major advantage – a significant milestone for R&V Aqualine Industries

Our production changed in the 1990s to plastic boats as the industry was advancing further. Plastics were improving in their rigidity, so we could minimise weight and keep our products at the highest quality.

Plastic boats were a major breakthrough because they were rugged, durable and could take more abuse in those conditions.

We formed a manufacturing agreement with US company, Dagger Canoe Company, and had a comprehensive range of white water, sit on top and touring kayaks distributed through Velocity Water Sports.

During this time we developed boats specifically for the Australian conditions, which increased our range of Australian made boats and helped form Safari H2O.

A contract was secured with  Perception to mould some of their range of kayaks for the Australian market through to 2012.

Most of our boats were Australian designed by this time and we began what is now Safari H2O. Before this time, most people didn’t know that R&V Aqualine Industries were behind the boats previously made.

We now test our products in the water against other popular models in the industry until we’re happy that our boat is better.