At Safari H2O, we allow our suppliers and customers to choose the colour of their kayaks based on their personal preference.

It not only allows you to customise your new outdoor toy or tool, it gives you the avenue to express yourself in the way that you like

Fancy a bright orange canoe mixed with some yellow? Yes, we can do that.

How about a camouflage-like colour for your fishing canoe?

With Safari H2O’s help, you can choose the colour of your choice, and the only limits are your imagination! 

L-R: Applegreen/white, Beige/black/white, Light blue/white, Light blue/dark blue/white, Orange/yellow, Pink/blue/white, Applegreen/rivergum/black/white, Yellow/orange, Red/black/white

When choosing your recreational canoes, there’s one main thing to consider: your personal preference.

Do you prefer green or blue? Pink or orange? We can mix your colours, within reason, to create your favourite combination on your kayak.

L-R: Blue/blue/black camo, Snow camo, Light blue camo, Queensland green camo, Beige camo, Blue/beige/black camo

When you are out fishing, however, there are more things to consider than personal favourites.

If on the water, there’s one thing you want to do: blend in.

Our Safari H2O canoes and kayaks can help you to do this.

What should you consider when choosing a fishing kayak colour?

One of our most popular colours includes our famous blue – it helps you to blend in, but also gives you a little flair in the colour.

If you’re looking for some serious camouflage, our beige camo would work perfectly.

A highly requested colour from customers, a green camouflage kayak is aptly named, ‘Queensland green camo’ as it helps you blend into environments seen in northern Australian locations.

In the end, the colour choice is up to you: contact us to discuss your creative wishes and our expert team can try and make it a reality!