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The Murray Fishing - Electric


The Murray is the result of years of testing and planning, in consultation with pro fishing reporters, recreational fishing industry leaders and our own keen and dedicated fishing staff – all of whom gave us their ultimate fishing kayak wish list. The Murray Fishing is also available with an electric motor.

Category: Sit On Top / Fishing

Why choose the Murray Electric:

  • The Murray is already the best boat in its category. With the electric motor added it gives you total hands-free use.
  • The boat will pivot completely in the middle, spinning in its own length like a top. You have forward and reverse, and you can flip the motor up with your feet if you encounter submerged logs or snags, or when coming ashore.
  • The 24-pound thrust Jarvis Walker® Water Snake motor is salt water rated, and does not extend under the keel of the boat, meaning that it can be used in shallow water. It runs a 35 amp hour deep cycle battery that propels the kayak along at 10km/h in high range, and in low range at 6km/h.

Application: Complete uncompromised fishing kayak. Inland waters such as rivers, lakes; bays, estuaries, calmer ocean conditions.

Key features:

  • Electric motor can be retro-fitted to an existing Murray or Murray Fishing kayak
  • Patent Pending features
  • Foot steered, making in an absolute hands-free fishing kayak
  • Foot operated retractable motor
  • High and low speed, forward and reverse gears
  • Control switches ergonomically located
  • Motor is easily removed for transportation
  • No noise output
  • Boat turns in its own length (it will spin like a top)


Battery life:

Approximately 5 hours in normal fishing conditions

In full test situation the battery will last around one and a half hours at high speed (or about 15km). In low range it will last around 3 hours (based on our test figures), however, our test paddlers and fishing experts have reported that it is highly unlikely that you will flatten a battery in a day, which makes sense because of the time spent fishing at your favourite spot.

The Murray Electric holds its position in the water very well, meaning you can move along in low gear, steering with your feet and concentrating on catching the fish.


The Murray Electric story:

Fishermen have been trying to avoid paddling kayaks for a long time. Their desire to fish is usually greater than their desire to paddle!

However, a kayak lets them get into all the little spots that you can’t with a conventional tinny. The available options did not have the manoeuvrability that was needed in this application, so we set about creating an electric powered, totally hands-free fishing kayak, and this is the result of that.

It can turn in a shorter distance than a paddler will ever get a kayak to turn, and it is truly at the top of the wish list for anyone wanting an electric powered fishing kayak.

Our design brief was to produce a boat that was non-complicated and intuitive to use. The Murray Electric fits the bill perfectly.



Length: 304cm

Width: 83cm

Paddler weight: Up to 140kg

Weight: 44kg

Deck height: 30cm

Price: TBD (including 10 % GST)

* Please contact our helpful staff at Safari H2O, who design and build the Safari H2O canoes and kayaks, for any advice so you make the right choice before you buy.

We will also assist with freight costs to your destination.

Murray Electric 600