Wangaratta’s Greg Quinn has been using his Safari H2O Drifter Plus to access some remote locations in the lakes and estuaries in Southern New South Wales.

I’ve just returned from a few weeks on the Southern NSW coast with my new Drifter Plus.

The Kayak is remarkably stable and I was able to take a camera out with me, using a dry bag on the front deck.

It was easy to manoeuvre around the reeds and rocks at the water’s edge, and the birds were very tolerant of a slow quiet approach, although some gave me a funny look!

The seat and paddling position is very comfortable, even after 5 hours on the water, and I was pleasantly surprised by being able to make good progress against an opposing tide in some of the estuary channels.

The absolute silence experienced just drifting around the edges of calm water lakes is bliss!

Thank you for your help and advice on choosing the kayak, and the guidance provided when I picked it up.

I also learned a lot by joining one of North East Canoe Club training sessions, especially around safety and different kinds of paddle strokes.

I look forward to many more excursions in my Drifter Plus!!


Greg Quinn,

Get more information on the Safari H2O Drifter Plus HERE.